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Jamie Kiles is a Professional Motivational Speaker, Certified Professional Life Coach, and Published Author. She partners with women to overcome barriers preventing them from living peacefully and authentically in their personal and professional lives, turning pain into potential.


"Your life story is your leadership story." - Doug Conant, Author of  The Bluprint

Read below to learn more about what Jamie Lynn Empowerment has to offer.

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Seize the Opportunity

As a Leadership Training Professional for over two decades and an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Professional Life Coach, Jamie has worked with adults from all backgrounds.

Her passion is partnering with women as they leave behind all toxicity and dysfunction to pursue a life of joy and fulfillment. She coaches others in setting healthy boundaries, ending the cycle of psychological violence, and achieving personal/professional life milestones.



"You can either own your story and walk in it or step outside of it and hustle to feel worthy."
- Brene Brown, Author of Dare to Lead

Jamie builds excitement through creative storytelling, always focusing on the practical needs of her audience. Her joyful transparency builds rapport while fostering an atmosphere of trust. Individuals walk away feeling valued and primed for change.

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My Story of Breaking Free From the Normalization of Abuse

Learn more about this captivating personal memoir meant to encourage victims of abuse to leave behind the comfortable chaos of the past for a life of peace and fulfillment.


Personalized and Focused

As an ATD Master Certified Trainer with over 20 years of experience, Jamie is a seasoned educator. She will design and conduct a workshop for your team, women's group, or corporation despite the size or subject matter.

She's spent her career identifying opportunities and creating dynamic solutions for both international and local clients.

Have your own curriculum? Jamie provides a fresh perspective and energetic delivery while coaching your team to success.

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Clapping Audience


"Jamie is a talented trainer with a great ability to establish and maintain strong relationships. With this she was able to inspire the members of her team and was rewarded with their loyalty and delivery excellence. Moreover, Jami is very bright and can manage both difficult situations and technical problems. I very much enjoyed working with Jami and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again."

Walter Perrin, Associate Director
Verizon Wireless

 "Jamie Kiles is a true & very real dynamic speaker. She brings her raw talent & leaves her life’s story on the table to be an inspiration to others. She bears her soul, which not many people do. It’s a testimony of her journey and how she longs to help someone else who may be afraid to speak their truth. If you’re looking for an awesome, God-fearing woman to uplift, empower & inspire...don’t look any further...Jamie Kiles is in fact that speaker & so much more!"

Tonya M. Cowan, CEO
As You Wish wem, LLC

Having worked with Jamie has given me the chance to learn so much! She is a mentor, a motivator, an overly positive and fantastic individual. From her dedication to any and all projects she's involved with to her impeccable ability to follow-through, she's a tremendous asset to any Team lucky enough to have her. Jamie will continue to be a nothing but top performer throughout her career!

Kevin Estep, Manager Training & Client Services
Samsung SDSA

Jamie Kiles is one of the best trainers and managers I have known. She is not only is proactive with a take-charge attitude, but she is also able to get along well with customers internal, external, above, and below. Jamie is always ready to dig in and research what needs to be accomplished and get it done. It would be my pleasure to be able to work with Jamie again at any time!

Golda Ross, Quality Analyst 
Samsung Electronics America

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