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Fear During Crisis

Fear and anxiety grow faster than any virus. When it's too much for me, I ride out. 

Prayer and two wheels seem to always bring me unexpected signs of reassurance. Where do you find peace?


Some turn to addiction. Like many of us, I’ve juggled several attempting to smother the voices in my head and forget my trauma. In times like this, it takes the strength of a superhero not to lean on old habits or to create new ones.

Isolation and self-medication can be a tremendous fight for those living with a mental illness. We either burrow in the busyness or pull the covers overhead and hibernate. Don’t wear yourself down with the mundane, viewing life in black and white. No one should miss out on all the vibrant colors developing in this new season for all humans.

It is vital that we care for ourselves emotionally and physically in CREATIVE ways. In this place we are at our best to fight false fear, replacing it with practical wisdom. 

The world has shifted during its fight against this illness. Let's push ourselves to change routines and perspectives right along with it. We will adapt and overcome.

DON’T GIVE UP.  Join me in the fight to LIVE AUTHENTIC. The world needs you. The world needs your story.

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