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Keeping Passionate Limits

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Many of my earlier, epic personal and professional downfalls can be attributed to my inability to say NO. I scoured countless self-help books. I hung on the words of therapists, faith leaders, and career mentors. All of this with the intent of trying to fix myself. The control I lacked over myself, sadly I attempted to place on others. The answer was inside me the entire time.

Downfalls are precious data points. They are places from which I draw a fresh perspective. I've learned that after my internal self-condemnation settles to the bottom of a nasty situation, I'm able to skim great wisdom off the top. I encourage you to take the time and journal what you've learned from these important, information gathering points in your life. If we continue this practice, they can be places of life-impacting behavioral change.

I learned from this data point that it's imperative I love myself enough to set passionate limits, never with the intent of harming others. Limits allow us to accomplish our dreams and develop our gifts. A strong NO with good intent will always yield peace and contentment. Those who lack healthy boundaries will grow angry at ours and may lash out. We must be patient. By doing so, we gain respect and encourage their boundary development by holding our limit from a distance. Life will change drastically by working the power of a kind and simple NO.

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