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Dear Adversity, thank you.

Updated: May 20, 2022

It's rough out there. People can really suck. We aren't all dealt the same hand. Life isn't fair. Hard times take a toll on the mind and the body. As a result, our mind creates crippling thought processes. The brain takes the path of least resistance and self deprecation becomes the norm. We condition ourselves to live a life of less than. We become our own worst enemy, hurting ourselves more than any one else could.

Walk with me. Remember the time that life gutted you? What about the time he or she ripped your heart out with a few simple words? Maybe it was a loved one lost too soon, leaving you empty and bitter at a world that cheated you. Close your eyes and soak all that in. How did it feel? I remember the agony all too well. The body aches and uncontrollable emotions resulting from a broken spirit are simply crushing.

You may not know it yet, but this one of life's sweet spots. It is the small dot in time when grit is gifted, character is crafted, and warriors are built.

It's impossible to obsess over a heartbreak while real life demands that we lick our wounds and try our damnedest to move on. Fast forward months or years later and our psyche is forced to make room for new experiences and memories. No longer blinded from the fresh pain, we are now able to look through the lens of wisdom. We reflect and ask ourselves the tough questions. How did this change me? Am I still taking responsibility for people and situations that are out of my control? If I knew then what I know now, what would I do differently? What would I share with someone who is walking through this same situation at this very moment?

Like Buster, my golden retriever who sits by my side and leans into me when I'm hurting, the adversity created by hardship is a loyal companion. It prepares me for the reality of life. It whispers in my ear, "Remember the time when you overcame? Don't forget about that time you fought your way through all that bullshit. You got this, girl." That's not even the best part about locking arms with adversity.

The void left in the heart created from loss, heartbreak, and betrayal? It's now filled with fiery purpose. The weak kneed moments that once left once us questioning ourselves? Those are the moments that refine our character and define us. Let's remove the emotion from hardship and refuse to take life so personal. Together, let's throw up the middle finger to victimhood. Celebrate your moxie and appreciate your strong backbone left behind from our old friend, Adversity.

Take care,


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